TL 10
Skill Drive (wheel)
Agility -2
Speed (Cruise) High (Medium)
Range (Cruise) 600 (900)
Crew 1
Passengers 7
Cargo 2.5
Hull 60
Shipping 10 tons
Armour Front 6 / Sides 6 / Rear 6
Purchase Cost: Cr155000

Equipment and Traits

ATV, Aquatic Drive, Communications (tl8), Computer/1 (Database), navigation (improved), sensors (improved), short term life support, small turret (no weapon)


An enclosed, pressurised all-terrain ground vehicle. The vehicle is capable of floating on calm water, and has a suite of built-in sensors and communications equipment (usually a laser transceiver) making it ideal for exploration. An ATV has a hardpoint for a turret, but does not normally come with a weapon.


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