Leroy 'Wrench' Brown

Star Marine Lance Sergeant/Army Private/Scout


[[/File:848172 | class=media-item-align-center | 500×231px | wrench_gun.gif]]


Mechanic Toolkit TL10
Electronic Toolkit TL10
TL10 computer with tranlastion 1 software and security 1 software
TL 10 stunner
Laser pistol TL 9
Sniper rifle (wedding gift)
21000 credits

2 fake IDs
Alexander Cornelius Evans
Thaddeus Rusty Venture

Trained Gunnery 1 turret

Ruggedized detachable additional manipulators
Ruggedised Detachable Combat Arm 2 w/ Piston Fist

Leroy Planned Upgrades

Weapon TL Range Damage Kg Magazine Traits
Sniper Rifle 8 500 3D 5 4 AP5 Scope Silent
Hunting Rifle 5 250 3D 5 5
Piston Fist 9 3D+2 - -
Katana 3 3D+2 - 4

Leroy’s gained admittance to the Star Marine’s Military Academy and was well on his way to graduating with honors until his relationship with a teacher was exposed due to his drunken ramblings. Both the teacher Emily Grey and Leroy Brown were kicked out of the the academy for unbecoming behavior. Emily returned to her position as an admin in the Marines. (rolled a 4 End a relationship badly. Gain a rival or enemy.)

Leroy was still determined to join the Marines and applied to join the Support division. He was accepted, however after joining found that his acceptance papers had changed from the support division to the Start Marine division and he was immediately set to be deployed into one of the front lines of one of the heaviest fighting areas (Courtesy of Emily Grey). During this time he suffered injuries to his face and he took to wearing a mask to cover his injuries. (rolled a 2 Injury or illness – so I took an injury that has no stat effect).

After recovering from his injury, Leroy took part in some Advanced Field Training. Excessive carousing prevented him from gaining any useful information but the carousing did managed to create a lifelong contact with his instructor and wing man Marcus Holloway. (Rolled 7 – New Contact)

Using his supposed new Advanced Training, Leroy was sent off an a Black Ops mission far away from Earth (rolled 9 – Travel). While successful, the mission was enough to turn Leroy off of the Star Marines and resign.

Briefly rebelling against the Star Marines lifestyle, Leroy briefly contemplated a more anarchist lifestyle and joining the criminal element, but before that could occur he was drafted by the army for a special assignment. The assignment was back in certain areas of space that he had visited during his Black Ops mission the previous four years. The assignment uncovered some sort of ancient alien artifact. (Rolled a 12 and a 3). On return to the Imperium the alien artifact was missing and Leroy’s bank account was 30K richer. Putting two and two together Leroy, transferred to the scouts as a courier and planned to head to the edge of the Imperium hopefully beyond the reach of any law enforcement. (Rolled an 11 – Crime figured the 30K benefit I got was a good match to the alien artifact missing and the crime roll coming up next). Luckily a luxury yacht needed to be delivered to the outer reaches to be given over to some rich boy.

Leroy 'Wrench' Brown

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