Dr. Dylan Yang-Barton, MD, FGMI, FMCP, MPH, JD



Dr. Dylan Yang-Barton, MD, FGMI, FMCP, MPH, JD

Age: 42 Height: 163.1 cm (~5’4") Weight: 56.7 kg (~125 lbs)
Stat Score DM Stat Score DM Stat Score DM
Strength 2 -1 Dexterity 5 -1 Endurance 5 -1
Intelligence 6 0 Education 11 +1 Society 8 0
Stat DM Stat DM Stat DM Stat DM Stat DM Stat DM Stat DM
0 -3 1-2 -2 3-5 -1 6-8 0 9-11 +1 13-14 +2 15+ +3


Skill Rank Skill Rank Skill Rank
Advocate 2 Astrogation 1 Biology 1
Deception 1 Diplomat 0 Drive 0
Engineer (Jump Drive) 1 Electronics (Computer) 2 Flyer 0
Genetics 3 Gun Combat (Energy) 1 Investigate 0
Language (Chinese) 1 Medic 4 Navigation 1
Persuasion 0 Stealth 1 Steward 0
Streetwise 0 Xenology 1


Laser scalpel TL 10, Mobile Comm, 6750CR
Medkit TL10 – Medic checks for first aid at DM+1
Portable Computer TL10 – Computers/2
IR Googles, Stims x4, Sedatives x10, Breather Mask TL10 Cr2000
Stunner TL8, Jack Armor
Pension 35000CR/year (including lab ship income)
4 ship shares (4% of yacht)


Contact Type Description
Errol Aliberti Enemy Protestor – from unethical research
Annabella Jans (Yang-Barton) Ally Wife died
Isabella Jans-Barton Ally Daughter / Engineering student
Dr. Suzanna Sinclair Contact Doctor
Nora Clay Rival Ex-girlfriend computer programmer

Wish list

Security, TL10, bandwidth 1, Cr200, Difficult 10+
Intrusion, TL10, bandwidth 1, Cr1000, +1 bonus on hacking attempts
Translator, TL10, bandwidth 1, Cr500, real time
Database, TL7, -, Cr10-10000, select topic
Decryptor, TL10, bandwidth 1, Cr5000
Personal Trainer, TL8, bandwidth 1, Cr2000 (per skill), DM+1
Anti-rad, TL8, Absorbs 100 rads / dose, max 1 / day
Combat drugs, TL10, DM+4 initiative, free reaction every round, -2 damage, takes 3 rounds to activate, lasts 10 minutes, after affect: fatigued, Cr1000
Metabolic Accelerator, TL10, DM+8 initiative, 2 free reactions, 45 seconds activation, lasts 10 minutes, after affect: 2D damage and fatigued, Cr500
Panaceas, TL8, Cr200, Medic 0 check on wound, infection or disease.
Stims, TL8, Cr50, removes fatigue, sustains 1 point of damage
EM Probe TL10, Cr1000, detects electro-magnetic emmisions of tech devices
Geiger Counter, TL5, Cr250, detects radiation
Toolkits: electronics, engineering, mechanical, scientific, surveying
Stunner TL10, range 5m, damage 2D +3, Cr750, charges 100, powerpack Cr200, Stun, Zero-G
Laser sight, TL8, DM+1 within 50m, Cr200
Secure weapon, TL10, DNA scanner, Cr250
Laser Carbine, TL9, 150m, Damage 4D, 4kg, Cr2500, charges 50, powerpack Cr1000, Zero-G
Scope, TL7, Cr50, scope attribute, low light, extreme range

Grew up as the son of servants to a rich extended family. He ended up selling contraband to the rich young adults before getting accepted to university.

He vowed to never live the life his parents did. He managed to pass university where he studied law and astrogation. He then got accepted to medical school and graduated quickly.

Born in 2161
Streetwise 0, Flyer 0, Steward 0
Term 1 University
Started University in 2179
Training – Advocate 2, Astrogation 1
Event – interest in skill public speaking – Persuasion 0
Graduated – Education +3 (total)
Life event – moved away to university on a different world
Term 2 Physician
Started Medical School, got married in 2183 (then had a child in 2184)
Early jump drive training 5 years after first successful test
Basic Training – Drive 0, Electronics 0, Diplomat 0, Medic 0, Investigate 0, Science 0
Event – secret project – Engineer (Jump Drive) 1
Advanced – Rank 1, Medic 1, Medic
Connection Johnson + Harry
Life event – got married
Term 3 Physician
Finished Residency in 2187
Training – Electronics (Computers)
Event – opportunity to cheat (didn’t)
Advanced – Rank 2, Medic
Life event – Gained a contact
Term 4 Physician
Worked on secret genetics project on Emerald while wife was dying in 2191
Training – Electronics (Computers)
Event – unethical research – Xenology, Genetics, Extra benefit, enemy
Advanced – Rank 3, Biology, Medic
Connection to Wrench
Life event – Spouse died from a sickness (research was an effort to find a cure)
Term 5 Physician
Started a new relationship in 2195
Training – Language
Event – advanced training (failed)
Didn’t advance
Life event – Started a new romantic relationship
Term 6 Physician
Relationship fell apart in 2199 (daughter started university in 2202)
Training – Science Genetics
Event – opportunity to cheat (didn’t)
Didn’t advance
Life event – romantic relationship fell apart due to betrayal
Post creation
Connection – Stealth, Navigation
Group package – Deception, Gun Combat (energy)
Lab ship (pension), Laser scalpel TL 10, Genetics +1, Soc +2, 4 ship shares (4% of yacht), 30000CR
Pension 35000CR/year

Dr. Dylan Yang-Barton, MD, FGMI, FMCP, MPH, JD

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