A Yacht With a View

Welcome aboard, your grace. We look forward to making your journey comfortable and pleasant. May I offer you something from our wine stores?

The crew of the Prodigal Suns travel the jump lanes of the most recent human diaspora, extending out a few dozen parsecs from Sol, ferrying cargo and passengers between colonies as they struggle to make a living in the harsh realities of the expanse. Although apparently beholden to their ship’s mortgage and dodging old enemies, the four men also work for a shadowy non-governmental organization known as the Praesidium, which operates throughout human space to diffuse tensions and investigate events that could threaten Homo sapiens’ tenuous foothold in the wider universe. Drawn from a diverse pool of talent, Praesidium agents often rely on tact, charm and knowledge to diffuse situations that might only be worsened by belligerence and force.

Prodigal Suns

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